08 March 2010

The Church is Always in Need of Being Reformed

Why is the Church always in need of being reformed? Because I am always in need of being reformed.

Yes, the Church is holy because she is the spotless Bride of Christ, vivified and sanctified by God the Holy Spirit. But she is also an assembly of human persons, each of whom is a sinner in need of redemption, and for this reason, the Second Vatican Council likened the Church to the Incarnate Word, who is a single Person with two natures: one divine and one human. Because the Church is "at once holy and always in need of purification, (she) follows constantly the path of penance and renewal." (Lumen Gentium 8)

In these pages, I will give an account of the ongoing work of purification and reformation in my life and in the life of my little corner of the vineyard in the hope that others may find here some encouragement in their own journey.